Permanently protect farmland in the Greater Golden Horseshoe: report

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Who has given OFA and Environmental Defense the right to tell some one what they can do with their land ? If some one wants to sell it for development then they should be allowed to . What good has green belt done other than restrict farm buildings and increase taxes . Maybe these two groups need to buy the land if they want to control it .

The best save the farmland planning policy is to save the farm economy first. Dictating where development goes only causes that restriction to occur in adjacent areas.

Do you like to eat food?

Love to eat food . I am a farmer who many times struggles to make ends meet because of our cheap food policy in this country along with having to compete with other countries subsidized farmers . The sooner we have less land to produce food on the sooner farmers & family farms will get what they need to survive .
Have you ever seen a shortage of food at the grocery store ?

(2) We don't have a cheap food policy in this country thanks to supply management and ethanol.
(2) we do have a shortage of food at the moment or we wouldn't be importing close to 9 million pounds of butter to be used by commercial butter users - the only reason there isn't a shortage of butter at the grocery store is because domestic production is being diverted into retail channels, and, therefore, away from commercial users who will get the imports.

While farmers, especially the anonymous ones, love to repeat the fallacies that we have a cheap food policy and that there is no shortage of food, these claims are still, nonetheless, fallacies which, alas, need to constantly be dispelled.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

We through out about 40% of the food consumers buy so stop shooting holes in the hull of you rubber dingy duck . No fallacy there .
When we here spend the same percentage of our wages on food as other places then you can say we don;t have a cheap food policy .
Butter alone does not make a meal . Might make you loose like cows on fresh grass in the spring .
So glug , glug glug goes your battle ship once more ! Hope you have your water wings on since you are sinking fast .

I'm not sure what a "rubber dingy duck" is, or what it is supposed to represent in the context used by the above anonymous poster, except possibly indicate the addled state of the poster's thought processes and/or indicate the consumption of thought-impairing amounts of alcohol by the poster.

For example, the word "dingy" means dirty or dull and I have, therefore, no idea what a dirty rubber duck is supposed to signify except the strong possibility that the above poster has, in addition to memory issues when it comes to his/her name, basic literacy issues.

The undeniable truth of the matter is that thanks to supply management and ethanol, Canada does NOT have a cheap food policy, period.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

All l can say is l'm glad turkey is the traditional Christmas meat in our house and not Prime Rib roast.
Going by the rising retail prices of pork and beef in the last year and a half, no one could possibly think Canada has a cheap food policy but if would like to blame that on Supply Management and ethanol, then feel free to rant. However that is not what consumers are being told by either the beef or pork industries.

The article is to highlight what is happening with the resource base required to sustain an industry. Do we believe that is important and if so what policy should be put in place. Will so called climate change enhance or diminish our opportunity to be more food self sufficient. Should we care about urban sprawl. How should it be controlled and who should pay for it.
The article begs more questions than it answers about where we are going and what we value.

D Lyons

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