It's Just Better Here.


Why Better Farming?

Reasons why Better Farming remains by far the best way to connect with the ACTIVE/COMMERCIAL farmers of Ontario:

  • highest circulation (by far) among all ag publications
  • lowest ad cost per thousand among all ag publications
  • best demographics (reaches active commercial farmers, not retirees) among all ag publications
  • best quality reproduction among all ag publications
  • longest reader retention among all ag publications
  • unique among all ag publications in being independent and Ontario-owned

Why Better Pork?

  • Articles that cover Canada-wide pork issues
  • Circulation to producers across Canada
  • Content from writers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and the Maritimes, in addition to the top Ontario content we have offered since 2000
  • Continued Pork News & Views, and stories
  • Top writing team in the industry

Since we joined, we now have online national reach through the Swine Web pages, newsletter reach through our weekly Swine Newsletter. and Better Pork can offer you a number of channels and publications to reach swine producers.

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