A cash crop farmer, Ontario certified crop adviser, full-time EMS responder and volunteer firefighter gives us insight into his volunteering experiences

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Many rural Ontario communities depend on volunteer firefighters.

Michael Fenn’s 2017 report may shed light on possible recommendations in the current regional government review

By Jim Algie

Single-tier regional municipalities may be the way to go in rural Ontario, suggested a 2017 report by one of two provincial government advisers currently reviewing regional municipalities in Ontario.

Trucking and transportation in Picture Butte, Alta.

by Nicholas Van Allen

To get a national perspective on the new livestock trucking regulations, Better Farming spoke with Rick Paskal, president of Van Raay Paskal Farms Ltd., a cattle farm based in southern Alberta.

The operation has both a feedlot and a trucking division, so the team is doubly aware of the forthcoming changes. The new rules, which include shorter travel times and stricter definitions of “compromised” and “unfit” animals, come into effect in February 2020.

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