Chatsworth Township producer encouraged municipality to pass site alteration bylaw

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Many rural Ontario municipalities have struggled to deal with soil dumping operations. In the process, some residents have diligently tackled this problem and encouraged change in their regions.

Pat Cardoza, a beef farmer in Holland Centre, is one such individual.

Image detection systems could enable producers to reduce chemical usage by up to 90 per cent

By: Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Producers could use sensor-based precision herbicide applications as another tool to fight hard-to-control weeds in their fields.

Ontario horticulturist agrees to rent land to a cannabis producer

By Nicholas Van Allen
Better Farming

WeedMD’s management built the company’s Strathroy facility with the help of Jerry Zakaria, CEO of Perfect Pick Farms.

Zakaria owns 98 acres of land and rents five of them to WeedMD. Soon, this rental arrangement will grow to 12 acres as part of WeedMD’s expansion into cannabis extraction. WeedMD also has an option to buy the other 86 acres.

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