While American pork producers appreciate the USDA’s aid package, they would prefer more market opportunities and trade resolutions

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Canadian livestock producers are caught in the crossfire of ongoing trade disputes between the United States and some of its trading partners.

Producers are forced “to make business decisions on how they manage their operations and act accordingly,” said Keith Currie, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

Vineland researchers search for the perfect match of apple varieties to meet Ontario consumers’ cider preferences

By Jim Algie

Hard cider taste tests at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre near St. Catharines show clear consumer preference for sweet fruity flavours over drier tannic ones, said Dr. Amy Bowen, research director of consumer insights at the centre, in a recent interview.

Unlocking the growth of Ontario’s local food sector

by Jim Algie

Systemic barriers remain to the full development of Ontario’s local food potential, several observers say.

Barriers highlighted during a series of recent Better Farming interviews include: challenges of access to capital, lack of co-ordinated distribution and the centralized purchasing habits of large, institutional food buyers such as hospitals.

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