One on one with Ontario’s new agriculture minister

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It would be a good idea too increase RMP cap to $175 mil. (pretty insignificant amount compared too cancelling gas plants) but also reduce the CAP on what individuals or business entities can collect too maybe somewhere between $50-100,000 RMP <Agri invest ,Agri Stability ,ect. should be in place too provide some funds in emergencies like crop insurance does ,it should not be a revenue generating or retirement fund. It will come down too what we want farms to be in the future - no risk means some poor business decisions will be made. kg kimball

Been their done that! I don't believe for one second the argument that says the BTO's would simply split up their operations to circumvent the individual or entity cap rule. Seems the RMP cap has suddenly increased again without due input by delegates. Transparency of the current payout numbers as with the would indeed be very embarrassing for the various BTO commodities. Bottom line is the money saved with individual or entity cap could be reinvested to fund the $25 million increase for the next three years. Unfortunately, the BTO's will fight this with all they got.

If a public employee's Sunshine list is acceptable and it is public funds and taxpayers money why not list what every farm collects in payments? Interesting that a larger farm in Central Illinois just repaid $5.5 million in over payments , you have to wonder how much that distorted land rents or land sales values.

Would also be very revealing in what some non-transparent commodities such as livestock operators plus fruit and veg. operations have scooped from programs. Currently, the $1.2 million individual cap times 3 or more sub commodities, does not make any sense within the context of the $100 million overall program cap. If the can do it for the U.S. perhaps our gov't or OMAFRA could hire them to do the same here. Then again, perhaps the gov't doesn't really want to limit payments to individuals, as they want to help facilitate the move to one farmer per township.

Agreed that any farm payment of $100,000.00 and more should be made public . Public funds paid for it so public should have the right to see who got what .
Why is it that our General Farm Organizations do not have to list who makes more than $100,000.00 ? Farmer funds are paying their wages which is the same as public .

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