DFO program prioritizes organic milk producers

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I may have been asleep for a day or so, but where, when and how, perchance, is an aspiring dairy farmer going to be able to buy 12 kilograms of quota, and all at once, especially if all ten new entrants want to buy, and are ready to buy a combined total of 120 kilograms of quota in September of 2015?

How many farmers, other than the completely-daft, will put up hay and straw in anticipation of winning a lottery at the end of August in anticipation that they can buy quota in September, cows goodness knows when, in order to start shipping milk by no later than late November?

Secondly, how much, if any, quota is actually going to be offered that month unless DFO offers to sell any quota it might own itself?

In addition, nothing has changed about the killer after-tax cash flow requirements dumped on successful applicants starting in the year they have to start buying quota to replace the loaned quota, assuming any quota is even available at that time at any price.

That, plus the fact that aspiring applicants will have to finance everything else (unless a parent who owns quota gives them the farm) in the first years of operation except the 12 kilograms of loaned quota, it makes for what one banker suggested to me (and I agree completely) that unless both spouses have off-farm jobs for the entire length of time they're tied to this program, they'd better be prepared to sell their own 12 kilograms of quota in year ten, assuming quota will even exist at that time, rather than try to buy more.

As for Mr. MacNaughton's suggestion that this program will appeal to organic crop farmers, it might appeal to those few who happen to own an unused dairy barn but it will, I suggest, be of no appeal to organic crop farmers who would face the daunting prospect of building a barn as well as buying cows and 12 kilograms of quota at the outset. I suggest an appropriate question for Mr. MacNaughton would be to ask him if his banker would let him do it if he was an organic crop farmer without an existing dairy barn - I think not.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

How long does it take to turn an non organic cow into a certified organic cow

Likely depends how long it takes to get from one barn to another . Not sure there is any testing of the milk that happens . A good organic operator would have a time frame that would be followed .
What if any are the differences and protocols between the two ?
Milk is milk is milk !

I have 4 different people look at using my empty dairy barn with double 6 milking system and bulk tank still their. They all told that they could not cash flow even with a barn and equipment of $500.oo per month Stephen Webster blyth Ontario.

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