Cairns Group trying to break WTO impasse this week

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Canada plans to target non-tariff trade barriers


How is Canada going to explain its 2 farmers system of haves and have not

Why not use Canada as a Dumping ground for Agriculture produce. Look in the stores at the produce that is produce in other countries. People had to be really blinded if they think that if they get rid of supply managment that it will be rosy for everyone that wants to milk cows, do eggs or turkeys and chickens. The marketing boards may not be the best but least they keep alot of poorer quaility junk off our store shelves. Walk through the stores and look at the food that is no under supply man. and see where its all from. Who is making money from those products it not the canadian farmers , its the food giants retail companies. I prefer to good buy food grown ,package and sold in CANADA.

in that case, you shouldn't be opposed to letting consumers have a choice - buying high-priced Canadian dairy and poultry products if they want to feel safe, or even patriotic, or buying lower-priced imports if they want to save money.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

"Part of that is related to Canada’s concern with countries increasingly using non-tariff measures to limit agricultural imports, the official said."
From the view of anyone paying attention....that would have to include supply management

If my understanding is correct, we use tariff barriers (and obscenely high ones, at that) to protect supply management - therefore Canada feels perfectly justified assailing everyone else's non-tariff barriers, as long as they don't ever notice our own tariff barriers - barriers are barriers, they're all the same, and Canadians are among the most-shameless hypocrites anywhere.

Somebody should force our ag leaders, and our supply managed farmers, to do like they do in kindergarten when someone tells a whopper - make them sit in the corner.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Canada's political response: " We have a balanced trade position" when asked about its duplicity on trade is an oxymoronic statement. You cannot have your cake and eat it to.... forever

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